Janex Super Pads

Janex Super Pads

Janex Super Pads are used with cleaning solutions. The remove dirt and heel marks effectively. Also they are constructed for light sanding tasks. For the use on single disk machines and automatic scrubbers ideally up to machine speeds of 350 r/min.

Janex Super Pads consist of polyester fibres with synthetic, water and cleaning solution resistant adhesives. Die abrasive particles are synthetic aswell. The pads can be used on both sides.

Janex Super Pads consist of polyester fibres in a semi-open nonwoven structure. Abrasive particles are distributed evenly throughout the fabric attached with a durable adhesive.

Full Cycle® Product*

Recommendations and characteristics Janex Super Pads

M33 White Polishing

M31 Tan Polishing

M34 Red Spray Buff

M35 Blue Scrubbing

M30 Green Scrubbing

M36 Brown Stripping

M32 Black Stripping

Janex Super Pads - HiAbrassives

From light wood cleaning and preparation for the application of new urethane coats to complete removal of finishes on wood floors and other floor coverings, these abrasive Super Pads come in varying levels of aggressiveness.

M29 HiPro

M28 HP 500

M27 Titan