Melamine Pad

This pad is an enhanced Melaminpad and consists of original BASF open-cell melamine foam. It is laminated to a non-woven layer made from 100% recycled polyester fibers. Melamine pads clean floor surfaces without affecting the care film.
They are mainly suitable for cleaning flat grouted surfaces and very dirty floors. Ideal for removing stubborn heel marks. To be used on standard single disc machines, as well as orbital and scrubbing machines.

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Product care
To increase the longevity of the product, one should avoid cleaning uneven surfaces. The pressure on the pad should be checked regularly to ensure that the pad and floor are permanently damp / wet during cleaning.

When using the melamine pad, there is no need for cleaning chemicals. The laminated non-woven material is made from 100% recycled polyester fibers.

This product is used for cleaning and restoring different floors, e.g. Vinyl, terrazzo, ceramic and porcelain tiles, epoxy resin or concrete floors.
Ideal for use at machine speeds up to 350 rpm.

Instructions for use
The outstanding properties of the melamine foam pad allow an unusually high friction when used in floor cleaning. It is important to constantly add water or a neutral cleaning solution / cold cleaner / degreaser to the pad and floor to reduce friction during the start-up stage. Place the fleece side of the pad with the melamine side down (facing the floor) on the drive plate of the cleaning machine. The pressure on the pad should be checked regularly to avoid premature wear. Avoid uneven surfaces that wear out the pad quickly.