Janex Flamingo Pad

Flamingo Pads are the perfect cleaning pad to use with auto scrubbers. Resilient, open construction allows this pad to produce the ultimate performance when used with automatic scrubbers. Cleans light dirt and scuff marks, including black heel marks, and prepares floors for burnishing.

Recommended for machines speeds up to 350 rpm.

SmartScrub Pad

A heavy duty pad ideal for polishing and cleaning. Suitable for vinyl, stone floors, terrazzo, concrete, marble, granite and rubber floors. Best used with single disc or scrubbing machines up to 350rpm for daily cleaning use. The SmartScrubâ„¢ consists of two layers. It is used until the yellow carrier layer, the "working layer", appears.



The lawn pad offers brushing and scrubbing action in one pad. Best suited for cleaning uneven surfaces and deep joints.
The lawn pad is made of durable turf material for exceptional cleaning performance and long life. No harsh chemicals are required when using the lawn pad, it just cleans with water or a neutral detergent solution.
Ideal for grouting tiles, terrazzo and concrete.