Juwex Red Grit 500

For intense application on worn floors. The red Juwex Pad effectively removes scratches and dirt from the floor surface. After applying the red Juwex Pad, the floor surface is cleaned and matted and thus prepared for the subsequent use of the other Juwex Pads.

Juwex Blue Grit 1000

The blue Juwex Pad is a diamond-impregnated floor pad. It removes small scratches and in addition to cleaning creates a silky matt shine and a well-prepared surface for the use of the subsequent pad steps.

Juwex Yellow Grit 1500

The yellow Juwex Pad is highly effective in repairing moderate scratches. It can be used on all floor surfaces such as stone terrazzo, marble and vinyl.
Excellent for medium restoration.

Juwex Green Grit 3000

Highly efficient to treat slight scratches and to create a high-gloss surface for daily application during maintenance cleaning. Ideal for use on all floor surfaces such as stone, terrazzo, marble and vinyl. Excellent for high-speed polishing of all natural stone surfaces.


Product care
For consistently good results, it is important to rinse the pads carefully with water after each use. This removes dirt and prevents floors and Juwex pads from unnecessary wear and tear.