Normal Pads

Janex Normal Pads are slightly abrasive and can be used not only for cleaning and oiling parquet and wooden floors, but also for removing wood fibers of softwoods.
Ideally used on machines with speeds up to 350 rpm.

Janex Normal Pads are made of polyester fibers with synthetic adhesives which are resistant to water and cleaning agents. The abrasives contained are also synthetic. The pads are approx. 12 mm thick and can be used on both sides.

Janex Normal Pads are made of polyester fibers in a semi-open non-woven fleece structure and are intended for thorough scrubbing. Abrasive particles are distributed throughout the nonwoven fabric and bonded to the fiber construction with a durable adhesive.

Full Cycle® Product

Normal pad white

Normal pad tan

Normal pad red

Normal pad green