Eigenschaften HiAbrasives

Maroon Pad X


A high performance floor restoration pad ideal for demanding wood floor repairs and to quickly remove coatings from floors such as vinyl, terrazzo and wood.

The X stands for "extreme" and stands for the extremely effective abrasive attributes. The pad is ideal for thorough scrubbing and grinding. It can be used wet or dry.

Dicke 16 mm

100% Polyester (recycled) 

Ideal for application on single disc maschines and auto scrubbers up to 175 rpm

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Also ideal for quickly removing coatings from floors such as PVC, terrazzo and others.

Janex HiAbrasive


The Black Stripping Pad is made of polyester fibers in a nonwoven fabric with an open texture. Abrasive particles are distributed throughout the pad and glued to the fleece construction with a stable adhesive. Increased chemical resistance.

Thickness 18 mm

100% polyester (recycled) 

Ideal for application on machine speeds up to 350 rpm

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With increased grinding effect. To remove worn and dirty floor coverings or sealed surface layers. The pad can also be used to clean heavily soiled floors with hard surfaces such as concrete if suitable cleaning solutions are used. For use on standard single disc mĀ­achines or scrubbing machines.

Janex Maroon Pad


This thin pad is perfect for restoring worn, sealed and well used wooden floors such as in gyms. Ideal for removing surface layers especially of light wooden floors.

Thickness 11 mm

100% polyester (recycled) 

Ideal for application on machine speeds up to 175 rpm

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The Maroon Pad consists of polyester fibers and synthetic adhesives that are not significantly influenced by cleaning agents. The abrasives used in this product are synthetic. This pad was developed for double-sided use.