Normal Pad White

The white Janex Normal Pads are completely free of abrasives. As non-abrasive polishing pads, they are designed for final polishing. The softest pad in this Pad category and great for processing all types of floor maintenance oils, especially on sensitive and chip-prone softwood floors. The strengths of the white pads are clearly on the care application. The reduced degree of hardness does not have a negative effect on the service life. For cleaning purposes, use a harder pad.

Normal Pad Tan

The abrasive effect of the Normal pads tan is significantly reduced compared to the darker pads, so that they can be used on PVC and synthetic resin floors as well as on wood, parquet and cork floors for Maintenance cleaning. The suitability here is for wet and dry cleaning alike. However, check for scratch resistance and switch to a softer pad for very sensitive floors.

Normal Pad Red

The softest of the classic cleaning pads the Red Spray Buff Janex Normal Pads are best suited for the gentle cleaning of even the most sensitive floors, for which the harder pads are no longer suitable. Despite the rather light cleaning effect, the red pads are efficient enough to handle intensive soiling spots.

Normal Pad Green

With a medium degree of hardness, the Green Scrubbing Janex Normal Pads are massage pads. Best suited for various basic treatments as the application of colouroils which can be efficiently applied to wood surfaces. Also suitable for basic cleaning (removal of traces of all types of soil). Green pads are the perfect compromise when the use of harder pads is not appropriate and softer pads are not quite efficient enough.


Product care
You can extend the longevity of this product by cleaning the pads with increased water pressure with a hose (spray nozzle). To remove stubborn dirt, the pad can be soaked in detergent or diluted stripper solution before washing.

Instructions for use
The floor should be swept or vacuum cleaned before using the pads. The pads should be used on a single disc machine or scrubbing machine. At the end of the cleaning process, the cleaning solution used is removed with a damp cloth or a wet vacuum cleaner. Then the floor must be wiped again. Let the floor dry before applying a new layer.