Maroon X Pads

A high performance floor restoration pad ideal for demanding wood floor repairs aswell as for the quick removal of coatings from floors such as vinyl, terrazzo, wood and others.

Aggressively strips and deep scrubs with a chemical free removal of floor finishes. The X stands for "extreme" and means that this pad is extremely effective abrasive and ideal for thorough scrubbing and grinding. The pad may be used wet or dry.

Environmentally friendly application as there is no need to use chemicals. Recommended for rotating and oscillating applications.

Microfiber pad Blue

Taking a new point of view this well proven microfiber pad is an even more versatile product than before!

The microfiber pad Blue is an effective solution for basic, maintenance and routine cleaning tasks. It is particularly suitable for cleaning safety tiles.

Also it achieves very convincing cleaning results on stone and PVC floors. The microfiber pad Blue is highly efficient and effective thanks to its excellent scrubbing power.

With its blue bristle fibers, the microfiber pad blue penetrates deeper into the surface structure and detaches even the most stubborn dirt. The microfibers additionaly ensure deep and thorough cleaning.

The microfiber pad blue maintains its consistently high cleaning performance for large areas and requires only small amounts of cleaning chemicals.
One of its attributes is a high water absorption capacity. While other pads need to be frequently changed or cleaned, the microfiber pad blue simply keeps going. Using the microfiber pad blue saves time and money.


Crystallisation pad

Designed for use on marble and stone surfaces. Synthetic fiber and open texture make this pad ideal for cleaning and restoring the gloss on dull or honed surfaces using the crystallization method.