Melamine pads

Melamine pads work efficiently and thoroughly in corners and niches. They are available in three shape variants as a pad, hand pad and sponge.

They are ideal for hard, unpainted and scratch-sensitive surfaces (e.g. tiles, fittings, sinks) and are used with plenty of water.

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Melamin Combo Pads

The Melamine Combo Pad is an enhanced melamine pad with a significantly improved performance. The pad consists of a tear-resistant material mix with a profile structure, which promotes effective deep cleaning and a dirt-absorbing effect.

With the melamine combo pads you achieve excellent cleaning without post-treatment. The melamine combo pads offer a high area coverage of > 10,000 m²  per piece. Less effort and less chemistry make the combo pads therefore an economical alternative.

They can be used universally for all scrubber-driers and single-disc machines and are ideal for porcelain stoneware, natural and cast stone, terracotta and structured safety tiles. Floor structure and slip resistance are retained.

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