Cassette brushes and cassette brooms

These robust endurance runners have been designed for the tough requirements of airfield cleaning. The number, arrangement, and cross-section of bristles vary depending on the application and machine type.
We adapt the carrier contour precisely to the shaft. The benefits: The brushes are tightly fitted in the holder, they can be mounted easily, and they provide both long service life and ideal sweeping performance.


Cassette brushes with plastic

  • Variable material mixture
  • Rugged polypropylene bristles
  • UV-stabilized and vacuole-free
  • Free return (in D-A-CH) and recycling

Cassette brushes with crimped wire

  • Variable material mixture
  • Anti-corrosive zinc coating
  • Free return (in D-A-CH) and recycling

Cassette-brush cores

  • Suitable for all common machine types
  • Available in aluminum or steel
  • Available in several lengths and different diameters
  • Variable number of guide rails
  • Easy replacement of the cassette brushes
  • With polypropylene or corrugated wire bristles